Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | July 21, 2008

Walking in Switzerland

Here is another hike.   The hills and farmland were inter-twined with the villages.  Saw a lovely little butterfly.  And the last pic here is of our apartment (the one with the flowers:)



  1. Just stopping in to say hello. I am still not posting, busy summer. I see you also had rain and cool weather. This summer has been quite rainy but very pleasant cool temperatures. The moments of sunshine have been nice, I see you took some beautiful pictures.

  2. Hey there – welcome home! Love the pics so far, SO beautiful. Pictures of Switzerland, Finland, Ireland…they always look so green. Lovely. Can’t wait to hear more about it. I wonder if when the Swiss come to the United States if they find our country beautiful, because it’s not their usual scenery??

  3. Hi Bee…yes, about 16-20 degrees most days…a bit chilly. We did have some better sunny weather on a couple of days. It was wonderful to just experience the family time in a beautiful setting:) good to hear from you!

    Hi Di,
    Looking forward to seeing you next week:) Will fill you in on the trip. Glad that you are taking a look at the pics!

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