Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | August 24, 2008

New YouTube Video-Cover New Shoes

We put up a couple of new tunes onto YouTube last night.  Would love your comments:)



  1. Loved it. You two have so much talent. Do you write your own songs?

    Have you thought about using video email to send out your songs, to not only your friends and family, etc., but to music producers, talent agencies, and to event co-ordinators looking for someone to head their next gala event?

    I have an innovative way to grab the attention of your audience in the very competitive industry in which you find yourself.

    Again, I really enjoyed your music and your talent!

    Best Regards,

  2. I loved the song! I agree with Debbie, that is a great video. You could definately do vmail, I seel you’ve got the stats to show there’s enough people interested in what you’re doing.

  3. Absolutely great!!–wonderful song, great singers:) I hope you have song rights or whatever or that tune will be stolen asap. If you have dreams of going big, put it out here and the Universe will be happy to oblige; you are both so talented. (Susan, just needed to see your face a bit more.)
    I would also like to hear a song that is a duet. While I see Susan is the back-up voice; the next one should feature both of you. Kudos and more.

  4. I love your voices and this song is fun and different and has a great message. Keep it up.

    Judy Defay

  5. Loved it! The song is still Ringin’ in my ears! Is this song out in the stores yet? I need a new pair of shoes!

    Success to you!

  6. Love it! I didn’t know y’all sang. Great talent.

  7. Susan,

    You’re a great talent and look forward to hearing more.

    The camera likes you so give us a close up!

    Success to you!


  8. Hi All!

    Thanks for watching:)

  9. Great harmony. Way back in high school when I was in the choir I used to love creating harmony. I still can sing the alto part to “Country Roads” by John Denver and a few other songs and Christmas carols. *smile*

  10. Your voices blend so well Susan. Great song!

  11. thanks, Barb:)

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