Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | August 31, 2008

Reflecting on my journal

I spent this morning reflecting in my journal, most of which was written this summer.  I believe in morning pages, Julia Cameron.  I write 3 pages each day.  When I reach the end of the journal pages, I like to reflect on the words and ideas.

This has become a bit daunting, so I have begun to star key ideas as I write each day.  This enables me to look back for the starred information and create a list at the end of each journal.

This summer I found I had plenty of time to dream…REM sleep was in full swing!  I love that!

The key words that appeared over and over were as follows:

Kindness, patience, “this too shall pass”, listen, support, say thank you, give

I will be writing affirmations soon that focus on these important words and life creating ideas.

What are the key words in your life right now?



  1. Rejuvination, believing, friends, hope, trust, SUCCESS!

    ; >

    Beautiful blog . . . Linda

  2. Believe, Trust, Wisdom, Hope, Renew, Victory!

  3. Hi Susan,

    How inviting~

    Trusting, knowing, believing, connecting, giving, recieving, building…

    Happy holiday~

    Bea Kunz

  4. Learning, sharing, caring, building, growing.

  5. Determination, moving forward, energy, growth

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