Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 2, 2008

Beginning a New Journey-Creativity Coaching

I have decided.  Between my life’s work (creating) and the job I currently have as an arts consultant, why not begin to combine the two?

Next week, I begin an on-line Creativity Coaching course.  In October, I will go to the Creativity Conference, Creativity:  Let it Be Life!  I am thrilled to meet new people who have such varied backgrounds, but have the common thread of supporting others on their creative journey.

Also, I have been working with a Creativity Coach, Dave Storer.  He has been a wonderful support in helping me to take the steps I need to grow in my creative life.

All of this new learning will support the work I do with arts educators and others who are interested in tapping into their own creativity!

Where is your life journey taking you?



  1. Congratulations on your new beginning. I work with a creativity coach and love the work we do. We’ve taken some amazing journeys together.

  2. Hi Bo,
    Thanks for the message:) It is good to hear that you are getting such wonderful support and connections from a creative coach…

    Your inspirational work can attest to the wonder of the journey you are on!

  3. It sounds like the perfect fit for you Susan. I wish you great success in your new journey.


  4. Good deal! I can see you enjoying that very much.

  5. Just noticed my creativity coach is on your blogroll – Quinn. She’s speaking at the conference in October . Maybe you will meet her. How funny. It seems like a very connected world – this blogging world.

  6. Susan – Sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready.


  7. Hi All,
    thanks for the fab comments! You are such a wonderful bunch of incredible women!

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