Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 11, 2008

Creativity Workshops and Artful Thinking Worshops


Working on Artful Thinking workshops and Creativity Workshops today.  Here is an overview:




v  Workshops will be custom designed for your particular retreat

v  Move into the right side of the brain to ‘free your mind’


Integrating the Arts into your Daily Life:

This workshop is for adults who are looking to bring out their creative side whether in work or play.  The time will be filled with creating, encouragement to dig deeper, support for looking at the arts as a part of everyday life.  There will be opportunities to dialogue, learn from others, be inspired by others in a safe environment.  Particiapants will gain support for different ideas,  for personal creativity and for inspiration.


Focal points for this workshop:

  • Using the arts as an entry point to begin and enrich dialogue
  • Using thinking strategies/routines as a focus
  • Question examples:  What makes you say that ?  What do you see, think, wonder about (art object, piece of music)?

Entry points into workshops can be the following; individually, or in any combination:

  • Music
  • Movement
  • Visual Arts

(Routines based on the work of Project Zero, Harvard )


Inspired to Create:

This workshop is for adults who are looking to bring creativity and joy to their day-to-day world.  It is a playful hands on workshop to learn how to let go and enjoy creating using a varitety of visual media.


  • A variety of art supplies will be brought into the workshop
  • Participants will be encouraged to play/create with supplies
  • Freely create and flow in the process

Contact me here in the comments if interested in any workshop opportunity!



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