Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 12, 2008


Took a walk yesterday to clear my head…was graced with a rainbow!  There was a light rain and the vibrant sun over the lake.  I came into a clearing on the bike path and stopped to enjoy.

Adding to this post…my husband saw a rainbow a few months later:

Breathtaking…what brought you a bit of joy today?



  1. That picture is joy itself. WOW! It is cold and rainy here, winter is on its way.

  2. Yes…here comes the cold:)

  3. i ran across your beautiful picture, and noticed it was taken on my birthday, awesome! it was raining here for me, but i’m glad it was a nice day for you, and that this got to be shared with me 😀

  4. Hi Amy!
    So happy that you found a rainbow that happened on your birthday:) Nice to meet you!

  5. thanks for the joyful blessings.
    Found joy from cherry blossoms and divine blessings.

  6. It’s really beautiful, really, but you can tell it’s edited because you can see the colors all on that one tree at the bottom where the rainbow begins.

  7. […] received the most views on this blog when I posted about a rainbow I saw a few months back. Wondering if the same thing will happen with this post?  The hope and […]

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