Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 14, 2008


Okay…the creepy factor is upon me….but I just had to get a photo of this guy.  I have seen 2 of them up close and personal this summer.  I will look up on “What’s That Bug?” and write a bit about what I discover.

Okay…looked up this beauty on What’s that Bug?  Think this might be a Cicada Killer. From there, came to a site called Cicadakillerhome, no I am not kidding!  I am going to email Chuck Holliday and see if the speciman would be of any use in their research!  Not sure if it is the correct type of wasp, but we shall see!

It took all I had to get close enough to get this photo…I can handle spiders, mice, snakes…just about anything…but insects with stingers….!!!  Even knowing he was dead, I kept waiting for the attack!

More in a bit…

  Okay…I have officially heard from Chuck Holliday: 

Thanks for thinking of us, Susan,Yes, it’s a female eastern cicada killer.

Could you email me the date your picture was taken and the street address and Michigan county where it was taken for my records? That way we can plot your sighting on our species distribution map.

You may be amused by the attached pic of a female CK recovering from anesthesia and labeling on my grubby thumb in Florida this summer.

Hope to hear from you.


Chuck Holliday



How cool is that????  Will send Chuck the important info and this wasp will be part of a cicada killer study! 



  1. Ewwwww! A wasp with a really weird name – I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a cicada killer, but I have little ambition to do so. I do hate stinger-thingers too.

  2. With me it’s spiders – but the wasp fear is at least rational! I had a near miss the other year:

  3. oops, didn’t mean to submit that comment without saying i love arty photos and gardening and others of your tags – didn’t want to be brusque! 80)

  4. Thanks for sharing, mand:) Love your wasp poem….eeeeuuuuu! That is a caress I could do without! But your gentle image is lovely!

  5. Afraid i can’t take credit for the image YET – that one comes with the mistylook theme, but when i work out how to convert a .bmp to a .jpg i’m going to replace it with something of my own. Less atmospheric, more quirky.

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