Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 21, 2008

Love this song…

My creative partner and I singing Amaze Me…a GirlyMan cover.  Love this song…



  1. thank you, dear people, for that beautiful song, so heartfully sung. I loved it.
    what a gift you bring to all of us!

  2. Have you ever listened to They have a space for downloads. Now I am not a singer or a music expert, but I think they have a great selection of great singers. You should let them hear you, Perhaps they would enjoy it as much as I did. They have free monthly podcasts and as a member I listen or download to all kinds of folk music and interviews with singers. I enjoyed your song, thanks for sharing with us. Debby

  3. Hi All:)
    thanks for the viewing and listening….and wonderfully kind words.

    Claudia…thinking of you
    Debby…I will check out

  4. Susan,

    Thanks for the beautiful song! You two make beautiful music together. And that’s not lip service either.:)

    Look forward to hearing more from you!!
    Leslie (your Ryze buddy)

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