Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 21, 2008

Reading-A Writer’s Space

While working on my own creativity, I have begun a new book by Eric Maisel entitled A Writer’s Space.

The chapter I just completed, Chapter 8, The Space-Time Continuum, was interesting to me.  With all that is happening now that fall has begun, I began to think about how I use my time. 

Here is what struck a cord for me…”[ironic gods] who love to watch us meditate and then rush out the door to accomplish sixty-eight things before dinner.”  And then…”This is nothing but an experience you are permitting.”

I am taking Eric Maisel up on the challenge at the end of this chapter.  #3.  Replicate cafe time at your own desk, from 5:00AM-7:00AM each morning, as you quietly create your masterpiece.

Wondering how you spend your precious time…?


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