Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | October 8, 2008

Stories-snippets from my recent air travel

On the plane…and in the airport…

Things I heard and saw…
*Hey, Go Blue, Who does Michigan play this weekend?
*Compassion…feeling a deep felt emotion for another’s pain
*Wow, you can put your shoe back on balancing on one foot!
*Is the lamb cooked to death?  Can you just tell the cook to barely cook it, just beyond pink?
*Hey, we both have a little red notebook just like Mao
*Politics are politics and life is life
*Would you like to see the scrap book I made? 
*Are you going to tell everyone how the guy next to you talked your ear off?
*Tell your husband thank you for owning a John Deere Tracker
*Can you believe how low the Dow dropped?  Did you see it on the monitor?

These comments were all made by men.  The one women I sat next to on one of the flights just sat and picked at her red acrylic nails…the whole flight.

What are your stories of plane travel?



  1. 😀
    I have tagged you, Susan, please, check my blog.

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