Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 7, 2008

Dream of Wasp-Tarot Queen of Swords, Reversed


To see a wasp in you dream, signifies angry thoughts and feelings.

To dream that you are stung by a wasp, symbolizes growing envy and hatred towards you.

To dream that you kill a wasp, signifies your fearlessness to ward off your enemies and maintain your ethics and rights.


Sitting in judgement…

So I dreamed I was stung by a wasp last night.  I drew a wasp in a mandala this AM.  Took a look at the meaning, as it was basically an unassuming dream.  I was stung, but it only hurt a bit.  I do not remember any truly awful feelings from this dream…but it was significant.

Upon looking it up, it appears that perhaps outside forces of anger and hatred toward me are out there….hmmmm…wonder where that might be coming from ? 

Then, drawing the Queen of Swords, reversed, in my tarot…either I am sitting in judment, or there is judgement around me and how I am living my life…?  This has me thinking…

Will be watchful and quiet around others for a while to see what I can pick up from others vibes…



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