Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 17, 2008



Mandalas of dreams…
1.  Giving Jack Daniels to someone in my dream
2.  Getting Chocolate drink that was very watery from a friend
3.  Feet bound by men’s ties in a small hut in Switzerland…lots of laughing in this dream, had to get out of the hut, but feet kept getting tangled this cracked me up for some reason

I have not gone on to analyze any of these dreams…just went with the emotions of happiness, silliness, chocolate “love of”, a bit of panic, and  wondering….

30 Days of Creativity



  1. You really are getting these mandalas done. An odd assortment to be sure – Jack Daniels and hot chocolate. And I won’t even go near the tis thingy, but I’m glad you were laughing. 🙂

    Creativity surely is fun!

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