Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 20, 2008

Journey: On being a woman


I created these paintings, above, over the last year.  Being a woman is beautiful and overwhelming.  I wanted to take some time in this post to write about my journey through the hormone changes…so if you are not interested…stop reading here:)

After having 2 children, my body went back to its normal cycle and time went by.  I was hoping to keep things as natural as possible.  With the start of perimenapause, I had to really look hard at all of the options.

Many of my friends have been experiencing similar things, heavy bleeding, anxiety, mood swings…I began to investigate, because this is no way to live a normal life!  So I begin…

I found the Women to Women site, after a friend mentioned it as we connected on our changing bodies.  I read many articles from this site: (click on the image below)



Realizing I was not alone, I began to share this site with others.  And I began the herbal program…I felt much better! I continued to see my own ob/gyn and spoke with him about the herbals and my strong wish to avoid any synthetic hormones.  He has been very supportive.

 On the women to women site, I looked around for referrals….other physicians who were in my area and believe in natural hormone replacement.  I was led to Christine Conrad’s book: A Woman’s Guide to Natural Hormones.  Christine also sent me a list of referrals.  I support her site, Natural Woman Institute, as she has so wonderfully supported me on this journey.

Christine’s referrals led me to the Born Clinic

Where I have met doctors who support natural preventative care.  I am thrilled with this journey and the opportunity to meet all of these wonderful people.

I had read an article a while back on how we do not invest in our own health care.  This article spoke to the fact that we would spend $1,000 on many things, but neglect our health care by barely going to our yearly check-ups.  I have been guilty of this…and many of the women I speak to will say “the children and family come first!”  But how can we be there for our children and family, if we are not there for ourselves?

And so…I have spent the last 2 years investigating, reading, trying accupuncture, massage, holistic care, organic skin care products, safe and organic home products…it is a looooong journey, and there are times I falter…or say “how can we afford this?”  but the lifestyle changes and benefits to me and my family continue to be worth giving up the things we don’t really need, and focusing on what we really DO need…one life…take care of it!



  1. I have not started menopause, but I began thinking about nature remedies a few years ago. It is a wonderful way for me to think about my own body and what is the cause of pain. From there I have realized that there are many times I can prevent illness. My journey has been reflexology and yoga, as well as herbal remedies. I find as a foreigner I miss many more opportunities for learning, but the expat community is supportive and internet has helped immensely. Through time I have realized now how many wasteful and unhealthy choices I have made. It is a very slow process, but I find that caring for myself has helped me to understand my family’s health better.

  2. Slow process…yes…and I agree, taking care of ourselves and learning as we go certainly prepares us.

    Thank you for your words, Debby. I always enjoy hearing from you:)

  3. I too am a great believer in natural approaches to health care and maintenance (optimization) (without being too dogmatic about it), and I really enjoyed reading about your journey.

    I have found that when it comes to optimal health and staying healthy, herbs, nutritional supplements, energy work etc. can be especially helpful while traditional medicine doesn’t have much to offer unless something is seriously wrong and they can come in with drastic measures.

    For example, when hormones are off kilter, i.e., thyroid, trad med won’t even diagnose unless it’s extremely serious. Why let it get there. Unfortunately, in that case, we pay out of our pocket. The price of taking care of oneself (as you point out).

    Thank you.


  4. Hi Elisabeth,
    It is good to read your words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will stop by your site again and connect!

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  6. Thank you for sharing this. I know how helpful herbs can be, a few years back I helped my mom find an herbal regimen that worked for her. I love the colors and shapes in your paintings as well. I’ve never seen menopausal art. That’s great!

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