Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 5, 2008

What do you see?

Edward Weston, 1930

What do you see?



  1. My first thought was a sculpture of two people, but as I focused I saw a bell pepper. So my guess is that, I like the movement. Nature at work again.

  2. Yeah I see a capsicum (bell pepper) myself. It is awesome art how the painter has managed to portray this.

  3. if it’s Weston it must be a pepper. I wonder what # this one was…sure glad he wasn’t shooting carrots!

  4. Hey Bo…clever you…:) I am sure glad it wasn’t a carrot, too…although, we received some carrots from a local farm that might just have worked..I will photograph next harvest and send to you:)

  5. Hi Monika, good to see you here:) Yes, it is certainly amazing!

  6. Hi Debby,
    I also see two lovers intertwined…nature repeating itself:)

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