Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 14, 2008

Good Dog or Bad Dog?

While I was out taking pictures in the wood, Hannah, our golden retriever, was out enjoying her daily walk.  Since I was occupied, she felt she had the run of the woods and went scrounging for dead things!  Yuck!

Well…she is a retriever after all.  So, good girl for holding her prize gently and gingerly, but the yucky smell!  She loved it and would not give it up.  I could not even tell what kind of animal it was…only that it had fur. 

Not sure how much of it she ate…but the vet keeps telling us to keep her away from eating maggoty, dead things.

What do you think?  Good dog or Bad dog???



  1. Hannah is never bad. 🙂

  2. You just say that, because you are her favorite neighbor:)

  3. Good dog, wanting to share her joy in her “prize”. One of our cats loves to leave me presents on the front porch every day. And if I don’t pick it up right away, she leaves me one next to my car door too.

    It can be a piece of trash, dead lizard, feather, tail of a mouse (leaving me the choice rear end), or the endless chunks of green foam, have no idea where they came from.

  4. Oh yes…we get many mice and other rodents:) So, I agree…why should the cats get all of the prais? Hannah is our good girl…although she would rather eat it than share it:)

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