Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 18, 2008

Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching


Are you looking to move your creative journey to the next level?  A creativity coach may be just the thing to support you through the blocks and get you motivated to get back on track with your goals and dreams.

What is a creativity coach?  Here is the best description I have seen to describe this unique coaching experience:

“By creativity coaching I mean the activity of one person helping another person with every aspect of that person’s creative life, including the psychological, emotional, existential, and practical problems that arise as a client tries to create.  Virtually nothing is out-of-bounds as a creativity coach endeavors to help his client write, paint, perform, invent, or compose, find and make meaning, maintain mental health, enjoy a measure of happiness, and lead a good life that centers around creating.”  -Eric Maisel

If this is what you have been searching for…contact me for an initial * free* creativity coaching session via email.  I would be honored to support you on the creative journey that is unique to you!

Contact me at and I will respond within the next 24 hours.

Preferred method of contact is via email
$10.00 per individual email exchange
$45.00 for 5 email exchanges

Who am I?  Susan Loughrin, Arts Consultant/Creativity Coach

Here is a brief bio to give you some background on my expertise:

BS Western Michigan University, Music, Education, Arts Integration
MA Teachers College, Columbia University, Developmental Psychology

Educational Experience:
6 years in the private school system of New York City
8 years Michigan Public Schools

Current Position: 
Arts consultant at the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (7 years)
Designing and developing professional development opportunities in the areas of dance, theatre, music and visual arts education


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