Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 30, 2008

A Beautiful and Peaceful New Year


 As a family, we have been taking time off these last few weeks.  Time off from the electronic boxes that take away much of our valuable time…and assessing what we can do when we “are bored”.

You know the story.

So, we have played many board games, read books together and individually, worked on the zen/sand board, read Tarot cards, looked at the lights, walked the frozen beach, walked the dog, practiced songs, made up songs, jammed on keyboards and guitars, danced around to the music, watched each other, drew pictures, had staring contests, wrestled, argued, baked, cooked and created science experiments…whew!  It is amazing how long a day can be, even during the darkest days of the year!

What have you been doing with your precious time?




  1. Strange, but my days have been remarkably similar to yours! Coincidence?

    So many, many days until Spring. I guess one of my New Years Res’. should be to try to enjoy the dark winter months and find beauty in snow and ice, rather than wait in the quiet for the trees to awaken and for the excitement of rebirth that seems so far away…anyone have a recipe for Prozak Smoothies?!

  2. It was nice to meet you this summer! In my precious time, I have been reading, meditating, watching films, drawing and connecting with family and friends. The Stephanie Meyer series which includes Twilight has intrigued me! I never thought I would like a book I bought at the Scholastic Book Fair about vampires as much as I have. The Bob Dylan story out on DVD helped me understand my musician son better. Look me in the Eye, as book written by a man with Asperger’s Syndrome, has also lead to understanding about my son’s view of the world.
    As always, I love being at the beach in my precious time. Time at the beach is ALWAYS precious.

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