Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 5, 2009

Re-thinking Re-flecting



With the new year here, I have begun to reflect.  I have spent the past few years working and evaluating the following things in my life:

~health (mental and physical) 
~creativity (how is it integrated into my life)
~meaning  (analyzing dreams and journey)
~solitude vs. social

This blog has been an intregal part of this journey.  Here are some of my previous posts.  These posts connect with my reflection:

It has been important for me to look back through this blog.  I see the creative outlet, dreams I have had, solitude.  My next step is to look back through my journals from 2008.  At the end of each journal, I list the important things I wish to remember.  I will look back through these last pages and get a sense of my growth.

Moving forward:
~I am ready to DO!  Want to dance, want to sing, ready to move and put all of this contepletive work into action
~Maintain the healthy lifestyle I have created for myself
~Focus on my family
~Focus on dating…set dates with my husband and stick to them!  We need to have more fun!

What did you reflect upon this past year?



  1. Great priorities! It’s lovely to note (the sing along, etc) that you are well on your way. Yay you!

    Cheering you on,

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