Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 10, 2009

New Vision Board

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Singing, light, nature, the earth, future, children, hope, angels, I love you, butterflies, bees, equity, hearts, geraniums, circles, stars, green, sky, trees, joy, love…these are my hopes…this is my vision.

What’s your vision?

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  1. […] Read the rest of this superb post right here […]

  2. ooh I love it. My favorite is “how can I keep from singing” and the russian nesting dolls. It makes me think you will open and open and open and open and open and open yourself this month, getting way down to the solid pure tiniest gem of your core.

  3. mmm, love especially the candles and flowers – very sensuous and makes me feel like January still is “The Holidays”. May your month bring all this in more!

  4. What a radiant assemblage–beautiful wishes brimming with purpose!

    Merry Full Moon
    Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

  5. what beautiful dreams you have chosen. may there all manifest for you.

  6. How wonderful! “How can I keep from singing” May all of your dreams come true and your heart and soul sing!

  7. what a wonderful dreamboard ~ I too love the candles!

  8. I love a lot I don’t hate anyone or anything but there a very few people I’m not big fan of.
    When one happy three life is full of joy.

    Coffee is on.

  9. I wish you many possibilities to sing – out loud.

  10. This is Beautiful!! It’s very earthy, and serene. The candles are very soothing but the whole thing exudes powerful energy. Powerful Earth Energy!

  11. How lovely – the candles, the heart, the dolls, the STARS! Merry full moon to you!

  12. Your dreamboard is so light and radiant, I love it! May you keep on singing!

  13. I love this it could be one of my own as I resonate with all of it …..

  14. Oh! I love your vision! May I borrow it? 🙂

  15. Thank you all for your beautiful and kind words:)

  16. What a beautiful and stunning vision for yourself and the world. I love all the candles, so sacred and wonderful.

  17. This is so YOU. I am continually amazed at how well you know yourself.

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