Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 14, 2009

Common Threads

Here is where my “thread” lead me…

Daniel Pink wrote on Twitter about Pamela Slim who shared this video on her site:

(click on image of Ze Frank for video)

Which got me interested in learning more about Ze Frank.  I took a look at The Scribbler and made this:


What “threads” did you follow today?



  1. I found myself today at a meeting where I served as unappointed “synthesizer”—I attempted to find the themes running through the concerns and complaints of the parents at the school. Do you think I could ever find a job doing this???

  2. PS–How do I follow people on Twitter? I am clueless.

  3. Hey Jen, unappointed “synthesizer” sounds like a job to me…let’s work on that!

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