Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 30, 2009

Creativity with Kids

Creating with Kids
by Susan Loughrin

We are all creative beings.  As we learn and grow, our creative lives move us in so many wonderful directions.  Taking the time to nurture creativity in your own life and that of your children is a precious gift.

As busy parents with busy children, it is of the utmost importance that we take the time to reflect and nurture our creative journey.   Think back on your last few days.  How have you filled your time?  How have your children filled their time?  If you are like most of us, a big chuck of time has probably been devoted to TV, the computer, video games, shopping, doing dishes, organizing…the busy list can go on.  

While these activities give some time to unwind or are necessary to keep the household running, what if you began to rethink this time?  Say, allowing 15 minutes for a creative activity?  A time of free exploration with no rules other then the time you give to create?

Allowing time to create builds on our sense of self-worth.  If we can design something from nothing, or dance and sing because it brings us joy, this can only be good for our lives and souls.  What if you could do anything you wished right now? What if your child was given time to explore his/her own ideas and create something wonderful? 

Take the time to invest in noticing; really noticing the time you spend on creating.  Take the time to notice how your children wish and dream.   This takes compassion towards yourself and your children.   It is not a time to judge what is good or bad, right or wrong.  Rather, it is a time to spend re-evaluating or reorganizing your time and your children’s time to allow for simple joys of being alive.

Set aside time each day to create; time for you, time for your children, and time for all of you to create together.  Explore ideas and dreams, challenge thinking, play, ask questions, have alone time, visit places that interest you, dance, listen to music, walk outside…anything goes.  Support your dreams and allow your children to be uninhibited.  Let go of the rules that may hold you back from exploring.

Looking for some ideas?  It can take time to let go of the rules and fears that keep us from creating freely and allowing our children to explore, make mistakes, and create something that brings them a sense of great accomplishment. 

Here is a series of articles designed with simple activities that can be done to nurture the wonder of creating. It is important to spend time each day exploring, connecting, designing, integrating, and reflecting.  This is the essence of creating.  Knowing that your thoughts, imagination, and ideas matter builds confidence.  Sharing the wonder of the world around us with the freedom to explore individually and collectively expands our willingness to believe in ourselves and our ideas.

What are you waiting for?  Jump in and create!

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