Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 1, 2009

Searching my name on Google

It can be fun to put your name into a Google search and see what comes up.  While doing just this, up came the School Zone workbook I put together years ago!  They have actually now put my name on two of the books…probably took problems and ideas out from the first one and stretched them over two.

It is interesting for me to remember back to this time.  I used the names of the students I was teaching at the time. When the book came out, we looked for their names in the story problems within the book!  I am now back in contact with some of those students on facebook.

I received a flat fee when I wrote this.  I do not receive any residual income from the reprinting.  Just my name continuing to be in print:)

  Here it is again in Austrailia:)

Where do you find yourself when you search the internet?



  1. Thanks to my name on the internet I received a phone call at 1:46 A.M. in the morning from some old friends from high school. I was working nights so I was up but missed the call, judging by the slurring of speech they were still getting stoned. I can’t afford to still live like that, to borrow a line from the movie “Bounce”, “I got pictures in my wallet now.”

    Off to google my name again.

  2. Good post, your post could really help me in my work. Hopefully this will help increase my traffic more. Thanks for sharing.

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