Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 5, 2009

Realistic Routine

I have made a vision board that I hang in the kitchen to remind me of the beauty I continue to seek in my life.  I am now creating a “visible schedule”. 

My life has so many creative outlets and facets, but the structure has gone awry.  I am taking the time in my blog to write my schedule (as it stands today).  Putting it into the universe and allowing myself to reflect on the parts that make up my basic day.

5:30 AM-(when first awake)  writing (articles, work related), journal (free write), yoga
6:00 Kids ready for school
8:30-3:30 Work-job 4 days a week
focus on:
-Arts integration, presenting arts integration, designing arts integration, PD planning, reading, coaching/training, budget planning, artist dates, creativity coaching with educators, designing creativity connection book study, connecting with arts organizations, writing arts related articles

1 day a week-time with C., time for self, presenting on arts integration

Time on computer (social networking, blogging) limit this to one hour per day.  This should be sufficient for Twitter, facebook, Ryze.  Connectiong socially interacting, networking, and blogging.

5:00-8:30 PM Family time-connect
8:30-11:00 Time with C.

Weekends-family time, reflecting time, preparing food time

This is written and now I can reflect back upon it.  It is a schedule that was written today.  As with a vision board, I will use it to keep some order in my life.  When that order changes, so will the schedule.  But for now, I can “see” the parts of my day that I perceive as a skelton for organiztion from the choas.

How do you create a schedule out of thin air?  Do you define your schedule, or does your schedule define you?



  1. my dear susan,
    a provacative topic, as always….I find that creating schedules out of thin air-imposing them on ourselves as an exoskeleton-is a comforting way to feel that we can somehow keep a handle on all of the demands and desires of our days. my error is always to try to get them too tight, and then to obey them, like someone else demanded it–I tend to settle into a kind of rigidity that leaves me feeling trapped in my own time frame. As always, as always, balance is the great challenge. One thing is for sure: mindfulness is the key.

  2. OH! and, i did read your email about creativity coaching with educators…and I see here that arts integration is your priority in your work life. I would love to talk to you about this over tea sometime. Kim Douglas and I have begun a Spirit ARt study on some saturday afternoons…you would be a wonderful addition…

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