Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 11, 2009

Contest! Get Outside and Create!

Grand Haven Township-Lake Michigan Access

Contest…Get Outside and Create!

1.  Go outside with your camera to a local park, county park, township park, state,  or national park
2.  Enjoy nature
3.  Using found natural objects, create a work of art right there at the park
4.  Take a picture of your artwork
5.  Post your picture url link in the comment section of this post
6.  Post the url link to the park where you created your work of art
(PS I would love to make a slideshow from your photos at the completion of the contest. Please let me know if this is okay with you. You will be given full credit for your own work.)

One winner will be chosen randomly from the postings.  The deadline to enter is by March 11, 2009…full moon.

What will you win?
Miessence Organic Reflect Outdoor Balm
Miessence Certified Organic Nourishing Hand Cream
To protect you from the elements and keep you returning to the great outdoors!



  1. Susan, this looks like it might be a nice little project for me to practice my new photography skills! I’ll be back.

  2. Off to the park tomorrow…how fun.

    You are so artistic minded…and I see you are blending that with your other love. *smile.*

    See ya tomorrow.



  3. Hi Barb and Bea! I am excited to see your photos:) Yippee!

  4. Susan, can’t get the pictures to copy into the blog post. Any suggestions..maybe post them at the WIN forum ?



  5. Hi Bea,
    Do this….go into photobucket, right click on your image, you will see “properties” at the bottom of the text box. Hightlight the url, cut and past it here. (I did it above…messy, but it works:)

  6. or…on Photobucket, put the curser (pointer finger) on the photo, you will get a drop down menu. Highlight “direct link” and place that link here.

  7. Susan, it wasn’t the Direct Link I was having trouble with…I was trying to copy and paste the actual photo’s into the blog…I can do that on most forums etc., but for some reason they won’t paste here.

    So…will just do the direct link.


    The park URL…

  8. I took my pictures at Rush Creek Park (It’s in my back yard – that may be cheating, but I did LOVE this challenge! )

    Abstract Snow w/Flower B&W

    Abstract Snow B&W

    Texture in Nature

    Lone Tree at Dusk

    The website for Rush Creek Park is :

    Thanks for the Fun Susan! I am going to have my kids do this too!

  9. Hi Angie!
    Excellent! So happy to see you here:)

  10. I LOVE this idea! Photography, art & nature just go hand-in-hand! Can’t wait to see the slideshow.

    Cheers- Bethe

  11. These are great! I’ll have to try and get some good spring shots.

  12. […] have shared samples, run contests on my blogs, and sent miessence products to others for review.  The method that continues to work for me is to […]

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