Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 25, 2009

Why do I blog? Getting back perspective

Say it. Support it. Send it out. Watch it burn.
     These words came from Redhead Writing and inspired this post.

 I have been wondering what to write on my blog lately.

I have gotten away from what made this blog important to me.

I have placed my focus elsewhere…even though that “said” focus use to be the reason for my blog posts.

Need to say simple things each day…this was my first purpose.

Keeping it simple kept me motivated.

Sending it out brought me joy…my thoughts are sent out into the universe.

Others may read it or not.  Others may have opinions and this is good.  Sharing my thoughts has brought new people and ideas into my life making it richer.

Thanks to  Redhead Writing for the inspiration.

 Say it. Support it. Send it out. Watch it burn.



  1. It’s a great way to have started my day knowing that I’ve inspired someone to do anything – and an even greater feeling to know I inspired someone to write. Thanks – you reaffirm that there’s a reason I do what I do. 🙂

    Say it. Support it. Send it out. Watch it burn.

    Burn, baby, burn!


  2. Oh yea! Thank you:)

  3. This post very well may be my favorite. It can just be little. It should, for me, just be little. Why do I feel like it has to be big? I am waiting for my copy of Bird by Bird to come in. . . .

  4. Hi Jen,
    Yes…I go to the worry of having to be a spectacular writer. This stops me. Writing just a little…it’s my blog, for goodness sake!

  5. My favorite artists have a quality in common: total surrender to their gift, which is to say, they have mastered the art of letting go. Me? I’m in love with revision. I think there is probably always a better way to say something. As an act of balance I started ye olde spew and post blogging routine. I do allow myself to revise after an entry has been posted, but the ‘let it go’ exercise remains, as I never allow myself to consider the greater value of whatever entry I’m writing. To me each entry is simply about letting go.

    Hm, seems ye olde spew and post routine carries over into comment boxes. Whoops.:D

    Just say it.

    Best to you,

  6. HI Esmaa Self… We definitely carry our true selves with us all over the internet:) I have to work hard at letting go, as you stated. The thing is, I can get so carried away with the worry over a post not being “indepth” enough…and this will stop me from writing at all.

    So I have to tell myself that I make the rules…this is my blog! Sheesh…you would think I would know that by now…

    so back to my orignial thoughts…kiss…kiss…kiss:)

  7. That´s a good question indeed!
    And a great answer too,
    just keeping things simple,
    thanks for reminding!

  8. […] journey began about a year and a half ago.  I wanted a place to create…put down my thoughts, ideas, dreams, writings…everything that helps me to create meaning in my life.  What a wonderful […]

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