Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 28, 2009

Emotions-Keep or Dump?

The next time you experience any emotion this week, embrace it or discard it: your choice. Report on the experience of mindfully embracing some emotions and discarding other ones.

(An exercise from my advanced creativity coaching course)

I kept track in my journal this week and took a deep look at my emotions as they arose. And I wrote it down as it happened.

What I noticed:

Annoyance: when others want my attention, I become annoyed. Taking a deeper look…if I have not honored my creative time, the annoyance is greater. In order to discard annoyance, I needed to honor my creative time…period.

Anger: when I asked others to do something, and they didn’t, I became angry. So, I dropped the anger….funny thing…the work I asked others to do was done…hmmm Tired: is this an emotion? I felt tired…usually in response to not wanting to make the effort to do something. Got some sleep…chose to be more alert…planned better, gained energy, honored my morning writing time and felt better because of it.

Worrying: worried that others, whom I must rely on in my work, would not pull through. Chose to drop this emotion. Asked for help. Trusted the others. The work got done…and I noticed I had more energy for other things:)

Email urges….okay…the new “emotion” of my life:) I really took the time to notice when I felt the need to check my email…yikes! Definite avoidance of the task at hand…like every 5 minutes…. So, I am noticing the urge and letting it go. My work is important and comes first:)

I am noticing that all of the above emotions occur when I am overscheduled (my own doing) or have not honored my own creative time. I need to look realistically at events. If I plan a big “event”, I have to take into account all that surrounds it. So, better planning for before an after the event. And holding off on a new event until other planning is complete.

Happiness: Keeping:) Noticing my emotions, quelling the negative ones, has really brought out happy feelings…REALLY! this is a beautiful discovery:) this is also supporting my love for singing…and helping me to make the time to do just that:)



  1. Wow! I can relate to all these emotions, especially the annoyance and the fact that being overscheduled heightens these emotions. I am so glad I read this, it really illuminated some things in myself I need to consider!

  2. Glad you stopped by:) I think we can all really relate to the overscheduled world and what comes with that. I really have to take a look each day and focus on breathing…

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