Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 12, 2009

Letting Go


Letting Go

While walking in the woods today, I came upon this small oak tree.  The brown leaves still clinging to its branches.  I wonder about this each end of winter. 

Why does the oak tree hold on to its leaves so long?

This got me thinking about my own life.  What is it I hold on to? 

As the leaves seen here, I see so much beauty.  Lovely, soft browns almost red….why let go?

I hold on to beautiful things.  Things that feel enriching.  I am afraid to let them go…what if I lose that beauty? 

But as we know, if the leaves do not fall, no new leaves can grow. 

So, I am taking a deep breath and looking one last time at the beautiful things in my life.  And preparing to let them go…making room for the new.

Letting go…



  1. I just let go of over 100 archived emails. No need for them anymore!

  2. …like the oak leaves in a brisk March wind…good-bye emails!

  3. Susan, beautiful analogy.

    Yesterday and today I have been studing the wind.

    I recently read some info that said if we could trap the wind and be able to view it as a still and solid thing it would be red in color.

    I thought of researching that to prove fact or fiction…but then decided I would rather keep that bit of info as a ” wonderment.” I like the idea of red wind blowing through the trees, sweeping away the leaves and clearing out the air.

    Red Wind…sounds like the title to a marvelous tune…hint, hint.

    Bea Kunz

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