Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 13, 2009

Contest Winners!

   by Bea Kunz

  by Angie Briggs-Johnson

Congratulations Bea and Angie!  I will send you both your prizes in a few weeks:)

Note:  I will keep the post open for those of you who wish to post your photos in the future.  Contest!  Get Outside and Create!



  1. Thank you Susan. This was such fun, I’ll try to make time to do more artistic play.

    Spring is beginning to come alive and pulls me outside at every turn.

    I’m honored to be a part of your promotion of art.


    Bea Kunz

  2. Wonderful news about spring:) I just love it! Yes, yes…more artistic play!

    So good to know you, Bea!

  3. Congrats Bea and Angie!
    Great work!!!


  4. Congratulations Bea! Very creative.

  5. […] An article I wrote a while ago entitled Artful Learning. ♥ Recent contest I held Get Outside and Create! ♥  Creativity Coach Page ♥ Organics […]

  6. I had to come by and check the winners. Congrats, love seeing contests on blogs, interactive. Bea’s speaks spring fun to me.

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