Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 30, 2009

What artist identity are you?

In the Advanced Creativity Course I am currently taking from Eric Maisel, we were asked to name the artist identity with which we connect most strongly.  Here is my response:

The artist identity I choose is shaman. 
By this I mean, nature is what brings joy into my life.  Nature brings me peace, and healing.  And it is important for me to share this joy with others through writing, gardening, photographing, walking, observing, healing, and supporting causes that are sustainable.  Reflecting the cycles of the universe and our earth through my work.  Birth, growth, death and rebirth.  This is the creative cycle to me.
The personal consequences of choosing this particular identity are that I can get lost in the re-creating of the beauty and horror I see and experience in nature.  I can internally analyze it and it can become overwhelming.  I wish to share this joy with others.  I want them to see what I see and share in it.  Sometimes, this can only be done alone.  People do not always understand my need to live through the deep rituals of the cycles.  I wish to share…and it is not always accepted.  I see societal differences and become passionate for land conservancy, sustainablity, femine cycles and rights, animal rights…and this is not always accepted.  And often, abhorred….or worse, ignored.
I am in danger of doubting this identity if others do not see what I see in the cycles as important and necessary.  If my efforts to live in this cycle…and work with the flow of it…are denied, I notice a meaning crisis.  Is my love and support for health, the earth, sustainablity, nourishment important?  It is to me…but what do others see?   
When a meaning crisis or identity conflict occurs and I begin to doubt the value or rightness of this identity I will call on the animals, the earth, the elements therein, human stories….and create.  Celebrate the cycles and take myself outside to just be…breathe and refill myself with the beauty and horror of nature.  As it is the balance that I also see within myself…and I have a need to reflect that in my creative work.



  1. First of all, thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog… it’s good to know I have friends 😀

    I know that shamans travel to the other worlds and return with needed information for the tribe. Often, that information can be disturbing to those without vision. People in this age want to pretend that they are not a part of nature, that they are not a part of the cycle of creativity that you express. As a shaman, you are here to remind people of the truth. You are also a part of nature itself, not standing outside of it either. Often that is where the conflict can come in.

    I do not know if it fits well into the mold of an artist, but as a spiritual path I am a listener. It’s my presence more than my actions or words that changes things. And often, I want to tell people how it is, but I have to be patient and let them tell me… It can be difficult when I hear what others can’t hear.

    The class sounds very cool. I know that your art fits the persona that you describe. At least as I see it 😀

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