Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 21, 2009

Little Things I Love


Drift wood is a little thing I love

What do you love?



  1. Rocks. I paid to have rocks moved across the Rocky Mountains. I did. I pick up heart shaped rocks while on hikes. I haul heavy rocks down from the top of our hogback so i can see them better, I buy rocks made into bowls and wall switch plates… At the top of our driveway I built a sculpture (called Balance) with favorite rocks. Heavy granite things, mostly. Heh: balance, indeed!

  2. I love this images! You and the wonders of the earth…rich, solid and soon to be soil…

  3. I love trees. I love them when they are little and I love them when they are big. I love them when they show their first promise of spring and when they stand sentinel over the garden in the height of summer. I love them when they burst into colorful glory in the fall and when they provide a stark outline in winter for the pristine snow to lay upon. From the time trees are small, they hold the promise of something so much greater and when they grow older, they preach of stability and strength. Trees never cease to amaze me and capitivate me. As a young girl, my favorite book was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and I have never departed from my love of trees.

  4. Thank you for the glorious image of trees.

  5. You can’t touch the little thing I love but you can feel it. You can’t see it but you can sense it. It is harsh, silky, warm, cool. It is violent, sweet, swirling, pulsating. It moves me along, changes my landscape, and can take my breath away. The little thing I love is a part of my everyday world. I miss it when it is gone. The little thing I love is the wind.

  6. Beautiful and mystical…

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