Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 26, 2009



You know…Eric Maisel asked to write on which lesson interested me…I found the response in my head very interesting.


See…I enjoy painting my dreams in the morning.  I look back through the images I have created and recall feelings and emotions that are still with me.  It has been a wonderful way to express my thoughts and play with watercolor, oil pastels, and markers.   I do not consider visual arts as my profession, but I do enjoy playing with different mediums and creating in a variety of ways.  I would like more practice in this arena. 


This is where my mind went with this exercise.  I began to think of an acquaintance of mine who owns a gallery/framing shop.  I have wondered over the years if she might be willing to frame some of my work and show it in her gallery.


Why not ask? I thought.  Yes, my mind has gone through all of the negative thoughts…but what is interesting, is I think I might just try it. 


I will show her my work.  Ask her to frame it (of course I will pay the framing costs), discuss with her how she brings in local artists work, what are the costs etc, explain to her my dream of putting up my “dream captures”….and perhaps connect with her on the possibility of a class on capturing dreams on paper. 


I know very little about the world of arts galleries.  But I do know that many local artists show there work in her shop.  She is very supportive. It would be a good learning experience for me…no matter what happens.  I will then gather the information I need to connect with clients and support them with marketing in galleries.


Let’s see what happens!




  1. hey, susan, I like your idea and you should pursue it. as we all know, our work is valid regardless of our backgrounds. I love your idea of painting dreams. whether you are dancing, singing, or painting, you are following the same muse.
    I would love to do some art with you..want to come over sometime? i do journal pages lately and am mad about them!
    thanks for sharing, friend, and keep working and keep listening..

  2. Dear Susan,
    I found your blog when I was looking for something about mandalas. It interested me to see what lovely mandalas you create. I teach a workshop called Morning Mandalas. Mandalas are my creative expression with paintings, photos, workshops and coloring book.
    Your articles are inspiring and insightful. I look forward to reading more. Thanks

  3. These mandalas help me to delve into my creativity…and psyche…
    I am so glad you happened by!

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