Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 30, 2009

Dream Captures-Mandalas


Dream-going down a dark staircase into a basement, pipes, water dripping, wooden floors rotting-there was a dark hole and a square hole in the wooden flooring (as if something very heavy had fallen in).  I decided to turn back, became disoriented (as can happen so quickly in a dream), then headed back up the stairs. Behind me, I hear a pebble, or small object being rolled…to beckon me back…spooky….

Dream-floating on a raft in the arctic waters, dark and icy, there was a lighthouse up ahead on the shore…I knew safety was near from the dark and cold.

These dreams were powerful and full of up-close feeling.  Will paint the beckoning creature from the first dream…as I have a recurring image of him…

What do you dream?



  1. WOW! Keep us posted on the visual journey your dreams take!
    Best, Karen

  2. Thanks Karen..I will:)

  3. These are powerful dreams. They are full of meaning, but what I observe (and they are not my dream, so it’s just an observation) is that you remain safe and curious. I love that about you!

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