Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 22, 2009

Carnival of Healing #190


Hello Everyone from the beautiful state of Michigan.  I am excited to host this week’s blog carnival! “The carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs across the Internet featuring information about healing, self empowerment, and spirituality.” Thank you to Phylameana lila Desy for the invitation.

Here is a post from my blog, Organicsyes,  that will give you some insights into my world, Journey on Being a Woman.

I chose articles that focus on food health, and Enjoy exploring the sites below to learn more ways to support your healthy lifestyle:

Catherine VanWetter presents To the Heart of the Matter – Resolving Habits ~ A Healing Treatment posted at To The Heart of the Matter.

Shannon OD presents a little introspection…ten days in solitary confinement posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue.

Julian Pollock presents Growing Herbs for Fresh Organic Salads posted at Organic Family Circle.

Aparna presents Medicinal uses of cloves posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming.

brit67chick presents Top Ten Signs That You May Have Reactive Hypoglycemia posted at Reactive Hypoglycemia Info.

Health Tips 101 presents Provenance and Pros: Discovering the Two Important Ps of Rose Hip Tea posted at Health Tips 101.

Arin Vahanian presents Why Life is About Choice posted at Super State.

Last month’s Carnival of  Healing.

Upcoming Carnival of Healing:  #191 – May 30 2009: hosted by Pearl, Interesting Observations

Click here for carnival archives.




  1. Thank you for including me in this excellent carnival.

  2. You are most welcome!

  3. […] concludes this week’s carnival of healing.  See Organicsyes’s Weblog for last week’s carnival, and look out for Clara Myers’ Mind Mart for next week’s […]

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