Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 28, 2009

Ideas on Visualization Presentation

Book idea…Ish by Peter Reynolds…dreams and drawing…keep them alive. 

I have presented with k-12 arts (all disciplines) educators.  I have taught primarily in elementary…this is where my strength lies.  Listed below are some of the workshops/techniques I have used over the years to support creativity.


  I have used this technique, Thinking with a Line by Cathy Topal, with early childhood and elementary educators and children.  Can be modified for all ages.   Great to take away the anxiety of “…but I just can’t draw”.
Here are some pics from past workshops:

This also lends itself to exploration of pattern and music (rhythm). 

 Continuing/connecting with this, using line to create movement  with our bodies/as dance….have done this with great success…but no photos…as the participants will not allow;)

Most of the books I would recommend are around the idea of “creativity” and habits of creativity:  Not sure if they would be the best fit for this workshop, but open to explore…what are your ideas thus far?

Photography…?  A great way to observe and/or keep a visual journal:


Mandalas…I use them  to “dream capture” : 

 click  pic for the post

Artful Thinking…to oberve, reflect, critique…:

 Below are 2 ppts of past work of an Artful Thinking Study group:

And… using Jing to capture graphics and recording: 

Let me know what you think…



  1. Great creative ideas and an excellent blog 🙂

  2. I haven’t been in contact with you recently, but I keep up with your blog. I had the Bee in Italy blog last year. This year I am teaching an extracurricular art class with 4-7 year old children, so when I saw this I was excited. The first example you give is very interesting. I am going to look into it. Since I don’t teach in a regular classroom and the children are at different levels I think the artful thinking would be too much, but it seemed like a great idea and I would enjoy also reading up on it, someday! Keep up the great work and great blog. Debby

  3. Hi Debby! I did notice that your blog was inactive…miss hearing about you!
    Thanks for writing:) TWAL (thinking with a line)is a wonderful way to work with kids…and adults make beautiful designs, too:)

    I find with Artful Thinking, I just choose one routine (like see think wonder) and use it over and over. ….but I see your point.

    Let me know how TWAL goes for you. Send pics!

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