Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | July 25, 2009

Wreck This Journal…ongoing wrecking


It was interesting to put my journal out in public to be drawn upon.  I was a bit worried…what would others think?  Would they steal it?  Would they read the other pages?  Even though the other pages had nothing too upsetting…perhaps a swear word, or two.  AND would they actually DRAW??? 

Well, yes they did.

I found that I tried some BIG wrecking when I initially began the journal.  Now I find, I am taking the time to be more introspective. Taking a bit more time with the journal ideas-try them, listen, feel, write a bit more about it.

Seeing there are still a lot of pages to do…this is how I will proceed.  Will I finish the book?  Do I need to? 

The page that is in my thoughts a lot is…to write when I am angry.   I have been working to switch my angry feelings to positive…so this page is glaring at me. I wonder if I will write there in the future….



  1. are finished when you feel finished, I started another that I am much more introspective about.. actualy usint it as a more personal journak , thand a fun play book.Both are very rewarding so far

  2. Well done. I haven’t hung the journal in a public place yet. But I did do the angry page this past week – I wrote about an angry situation, not my anger tho.

  3. I have been worried about the public place one, too. I just need to do it. Whatever happens, happens, right?

    Great wrecking! I love the color!

  4. Great wreck work!

    I reckon you don’t have to worry if you’re gonna finish it or not. The whole wrecking experience to me is also about wreck my expectation to everything that I do. And when I let that go, I’m having more fun and actually boost the creativity. So just do whatever you want …

    Happy wrecking! 😉

  5. I have to admit I am jealous … you got much better drawings than I did when I hung mine at the park.

    But your Happy page made me happy enough that I got over my envy!

  6. I have followed a pattern very similar to yours. I started out with big wrecking and have now become more introspective. I also have many blank pages left and am wondering about how I will proceed. I’m going to honor your sign and just BE HAPPY!

  7. You are wrecking exactly right!!! It’s your own path to trace your very own way… and stopping or starting or showing or being more private about it are all whatever is right for you at this moment…. such a journey of discovery we’ve all had these past weeks. Thanks for sharing and thinking out loud!!! Happy wrecking!!!!!

  8. Glad to see you are keeping it up even though you started with big wrecking. Introspective wrecking is also fun. Happy wrecking!

  9. I passed my journal around at a support group meeting, rather than hang it somewhere — I love that you did put it up for others to write in. Very very brave!! 😉

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