Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | August 15, 2009


 (click to enlarge photo)

As we sat on the beach in the UP, my son and I saw a transformation.  I noticed a “white” bug and and “green” bug that look identical on the log below my feet. 

Upon closer inspection, and asking my son to remain very still, we looked and saw that a dragonfly nymph had just left its casing! 

We watched as her wings stretched, and her body stretched. Her wings went from pointed to curved and she hung her rear end off of the log to continue the stretching.

We were trying to guess whether she was a large brown dragon fly, or a smaller blue damsel fly, when her wings opened (off to the sides, as a dragonfly) and she flew into the grasses to continue to grow!!!

Amazing transformation…what a gift to see and share with my son:)



  1. Wow, that must have been amazing! I have to admit, if I had seen that and not realized it was a dragonfly, I might have found it creepy rather than cool. 🙂 I always wonder what body of water my dragonflies are coming from as the track is right across the street from the beach, but no ponds or fresh water nearby.

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