Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 14, 2009

Family Meeting

We are now holding family meetings once a week here at the homefront.

1.  We use a rock to pass
2.  You may only speak when you have the rock
3   You can talk about whatever you wish
4.  You always end with a positive comment

This has been an enlightening experience for me.  I have learned in-depth ideas from my children and husband.  I feel joy and wonder each time we meet.

At first, we focused on the “rules” the plan for the family, what was working, what needs changing…the basics.  But since then, things have begun to change.

Just yesterday, my eldest son said, “Why are we having another family meeting?  I have nothing left to say…it has all been said.”

This got me thinking, yes…why every week? Are we finished?  Is this only about the day-to-day, nit-picking of ‘rules’ etc???  I wondered as we began our meeting….

As the rock was brought out, and the family gathered around squabbling and arguing, I could actually feel the energy lift.  The plane of our consciousness expanded…I know…what the heck does that mean????  I can only describe it as an energy.  A positive feeling or knowing that our words and family bond is sacred.

And when the rock was passed and the talking began, the words were positive…the listening was intense.

This is why we will continue to have a family meeting once a week.  To connect on a higher plane…to know that we are each unique individuals learning what it means to be human.  Learning together as a “family”…building our sacred community..



  1. I love you all and I love the family you four have created. Hugs to all!

  2. Oh… and miss you too, Jen:)
    Hugs right back atcha

  3. AWESOME idea! Love it! xoxo

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