Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 17, 2009

Creative Clusters by Julia Cameron

Soon we will be beginning a book study on The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Taking a moment to review the creative clusters may support our group discussions and connect us to the journey on the path to higher creativity. 

Since this will be an on-line study, the “voices” will be different.  Time to reflect and notice how  we interact will be important.  Facing the truth of working with others as we move into new territory will be necessary to keep the group connected.

Below is an excerpt from the Creative Clusters found on The Artist’s Way website.  You can click on read more to read the entire page.

Creative Clusters

A Guide for Starting Creative Clusters

Creative ClustersWhen The Artist’s™ Way was first published, I expressed a wish for Artist’s™ Way groups to spring into being. I envisioned them as peer-run circles – “creative clusters” where people would serve one another as believing mirrors, uniting with the common aim of creative unblocking. It was my vision that such circles would be free of charge, that anyone could assemble one, using the book as a guide and a text. Many such peer-run circles did form and many more are forming still. Such artist-to-artist, heart-to-heart help and support are the heart of The The Artist’s™ Way and The Vein of Gold.

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