Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 4, 2010

Creative Every Day

Howling, by Susan Loughrin

The theme for January is “Body”.  Thought about this for the last week.

Body…health?  dancing? singing?  skiing in the snow? ….yes…moving into the “physical” joys of having a body is where I am heading with this theme.

So this gets be thinking about my own singing and dancing.  I like to move and feel the molecules expand and the flow of energy.  To add some singing to that brings me true joy! 

This week, I will dance around at work a bit more;)  (Listening to Gabrielle Roth right now…will get out Ecstatic Dance!) Dance at home and with the kids…sing with my husband and feel the wonder and rush of moving!  Perhaps I will capture some of this on video…hmmmm…



  1. oo, i’d love to see you capture some of it on video!! yay for dancing and moving and energy!

  2. Loving the howl!!

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