Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 18, 2010




I am taking a closer look at the theme of “Body” from Creative Every Day.  I have decided to continue on the idea of “hair”.

I took some pictures…this made me very uncomfortable…but that is what I am continuing to explore.  Above you will see my hair on the floor, in the bathtub, collected from a brush, and my hair in the mirror…ready to go out to enjoy the day.

There can be such joy in expressing ourselves through our hair.  Yet hair brings up other issues. 

Hair falls out.  Gets caught in our brushes and drains.  Piles up in corners, it is telling of our health and hormone balance, and can be just a nusance.  People judge us by our hair styles, hair left in sinks is bothersome, or on bars of soap just plain heebie-jeebie inducing.  The dark side of hair…

What are your thoughts on hair?



  1. Hi!
    Interesting and different sort of topic! Most appropriate for creative every day. I like my hair long, gray, natural. It’s sort of a visual indicator of health, our personal style, genetics…all sorts of visual information! Fun htought!

  2. What a great outlook on hair! I may not be annoyed when confronting it after blow-drying my hair! thanks for the positive spin on it!

  3. I always get a bit bugged out by how much hair I shed everywhere. Fortunately, I have so much of it that it never thins out, but sheesh, I’m like a cat with all the shedding! 🙂

  4. Love your take on the body theme.

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