Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 5, 2010

Vision Board Feb 2010

Dream Board February 2010

 With thoughts of this month’s theme “home” on the Creative Every Day site, I created a vision board while pondering this theme.

I find that I am most comfortable working from home, playing, creating, and organizing. Home is really where my family is…the actual “house” structure is lovely, but being anywhere with the people I love, makes it “home” for me.

I am looking toward many new beginnings.  Doors are opening and windows are giving way to new ideas.  Journaling and a nice cup of tea center me each day.  Letting go of emotions that overwhelm me…letting them gently pass through, acknowledging them, and moving on.




  1. You just reminded me…. I need to journal this morning. No matter HOW busy things get, I need to journal – I need to journal!

  2. oh, i love your vision board for home. makes me want to do one too!

  3. making a vision board to ponder the idea of “home” what a wonderful idea! thank you for sharing!

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