Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 12, 2010

Home-Creative Every Day


 I took pictures of the fruit and veggies as I prepared for the week of lunches here at home.

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs, red2white, and found this tidbit of wonderfulness:


  • refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty
  • to do things beautifully without making them excessive or gaudy
  • beautiful by being understated, or by being precisely what it was meant to be and not elaborated upon
  • understated elegance, utility (each piece serves an important function), rare beauty, and unobtrusive sophistication

Thanks, red2white…for always showing me the delicate, simple joy of being alive.



  1. i love the fruit pictures, especially the inside of the melon. sometimes the simple things are the most lovely!

  2. I love this concept of shibui. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. I’m enjoying your fruit pix. It’s interesting to notice I didn’t allow myself to observe the real thing while doing grocery shopping at market, but staring your fruit pix and really taking in the texture of each. They are amazing. And absolutely in love with the Shibui concept. Thank you for sharing such wonderful find!

  4. I admire fruits and veggies everyday…glad I’m not alone!

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