Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 22, 2010



Thinking of “the reptilian brain” and my own urges to run and hide.  I remembered a dream I had a while back about a turtle.

Taking the image of the turtle, thinking about slowing down and honoring my ancient brain brought out the image above. 

Sometimes, the panic of day-to-day life can feel like the depths of the heavy water weighing down.  Drowning in the detritus of everyday.  So, I am drawn to looking at the turtle…who holds her breath when she needs to, dives down to the dark depths, and returns to sun herself calmly on a rock or log. 

She survives the water, the dark depths, and returns to breathing when she realizes it is safe.



  1. The blessing is in the return and in the ability to dive,isn’t it?

    Lovely post – and your art, ohhh sweet!

  2. There’s so much to be learned, if we but remember to look around and take the lessons in. This is a lovely post and a really nice piece of art. nancy

  3. The turtle looks very lovely; I wish there were a larger picture. Is it watercolor?

  4. Turtles represent longevity in Japan and in Africa, the turtle was the symbol of the divine feminine who created the magic of juju. I love the magic of your turtle art.

  5. that is wonderful information for me, Quinn…Loving the magic of juju!~

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