Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 30, 2010

Creating a Visual to “See” my side-tracking

I find that I am digging back down to my “core-values”.  I also see that I “side-track” myself quite a bit.  The other day in my journal, while writing morning pages, I decided to create a visual for my “core-values/beliefs” (focusing on one area). 
Then, I drew/wrote all of the (very loud) “side-tracks” that lead me away
from that core value/belief. 
Here is a visual “map” for you to try:


  1. This is an interesting idea to try & pinpoint what is side tracking us. Thanks for this.

  2. Great visual map! This is a good way to identify things pulling us away from the center.

  3. Like the map!

  4. this map really supported my side-tracking…it comes into my mind and reminds me to center back on my core values/beliefe.

    Have you tried it? What works for you?

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