Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 15, 2010

A Melody a Day~River song

a melody a day~River

Read Tarot yesterday with my friend Elizabeth.  This AM, when I awoke and wrote my morning pages, I looked deeper at the symbols in the cards. 

Putting a few images into my journal, I found a song.  Click on the image above to hear it.  This is only a portion of the song…the words that showed up on the page and the melody.  Will be finishing this one into a longer piece.


A few of the cards from the reading, above.  I drew cups, flowing water, infinity sign, cross-hatchings, pentacles…and the words showed up:

A river flowing through my heart
my heart
my heart
The hands that touch
Then break apart
Flow back together
When we start to love



  1. Interesting using the tarot to spark your art. I think I’ll try that this morning. Beautiful melody:)

  2. yes, this was an interesting way to bring out the lovely, inner feelings..let me know how it works for you, Bobbi!

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