Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 18, 2010

Drawing the “nasty voice” from my head


 I took some time this AM to get started on the exercise…drawing my gremlin/nasty voice from my head.

 What I discovered, is the initial drawings (images from my dreams, visions I saw after giving birth to my children (scary, but fascinating), and more recent dreams all had male figures, shape-shifters, disappearing and re-appearing images, black and white, shadows, angels/devils/gargoyles, half-formed creatures…these images actually, I have discovered, are here to help me somehow.  I drew and wrote on all of my rememberences…and was relieved to discover this.

 As for the next page, I wrote and wrote about the nasty voice in my head, the one who tells me I am not good enough…blah, blah, blah…it is a SHE (bitch) and very nasty.  forked tongue, firey, sharp nails, beautiful (she believes), red-haired (not sure why), coifed (sp?), buggy-red bloodshot eyes…I have drawn her, colored her in, and enclosed her in an actual glass bottle…with a lid…funny thing, I had the actual lid to the bottle, but cannot locate it minutes after I brought it to my work space…but, I have sealed the bottle with heavy foil…a rubber band and a lovely golden bow…and put her into the cupboard!  so there!!!!

Stay in there!

Now I am starting to see which are the helpful, cautious voices, which are the bitchy nasty voices, and which are the voices from actual humans with whom I interact while awake.



  1. I like the way you enclosed “her” in a bottle & put it away in a cupboard. Wonderful symbolism. I also had to smile that you adorned the bottle with a gold bow – the creative girl in you cannot help but adorn.


  2. Wow. Amazing detail you were able to get.. I love the idea of locking her away and taking back your power….excellent.

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