Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 30, 2010

Why Arts in the Schools?

My son playing clainet~improv


I need your support.  I have been asked to present to the League of Women Voters on why the arts should be in the schools.  I would like to use your voices and the voices of the students.

Please comment on this blog post and tell my why you believe we should have arts (visual art, dance, music, theatre/drama) in our public and private schools.

What would you tell the tax payers of your state?  Why do you believe children should receive an education in the arts?  What purpose do the arts serve?

Tell me your stories.  Send links to photos I would be able to use in a public setting.  Send quotes from students (names will only be used with permission).

Let’s get our voices heard!!!

Both sons creating rhythm...keep the music in our schools!



  1. Arts in the schools allow us to be a true democracy. It is the way we tell our stories. We absolutely exercise the first amendment by allowing visual and performing arts to flourish in public schools. I’m so excited for you to present–from one boogie chick to another. 🙂 Love you!

  2. I defer to Elliot Eisner on this, who most eloquently addresses this topic.

    My postscript would be: why do we question the validity of the arts in schools?

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