Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 20, 2010

Chakra Mandala Project

chakra mandala project

I have completed all of the chakra mandalas.  This project has helped me to better understand the colors of the chakras and their deeper meanings.  I can now refer back to my own work here to be reminded.

Below is the line up:

chakra mandalas

…and soon, I will attach them all to a board for hangins…I am looking for a log made from a tree that speaks to me.



  1. What a fascinating idea! This looks like a really wonderful and creative project.

  2. I love this project! I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I got your update but didn’t get to see e pictures, since I usually open my updates on my blackberry. I’m glad I finally got back on my laptop to see your pics! Thanks Susan…I enjoy mandalas, and plan to try some more creativity with mine. Sounds wonderfully meditative and nourishing!
    Take good care!

  3. Thanks Mary and Jane!

    Jane…so good to hear from you and connect! I will stop by soon to see what you are up to:)

  4. […] 8. Renew a forgotten hobby. Many of us who aren’t very good waiters tend also to push our own interests aside. Pull out your scrapbooking goodies and lose yourself in some happy memories. An ongoing project is perfect for a potentially long wait. I’m inspired by Susan Loughrin’s mandala project. […]

  5. […] I now have a deeper understanding of the chakras through something I created myself. […]

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