Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | June 29, 2010

Dream Rooms

Dream Rooms

I have been spending time drawing the rooms from my dreams.  I combined them in this image, as they seem to flow in and out of each other over the years.

As I colored them in, I remembered the dreams.  It was interesting to see which ones resonated with me still, and which rooms were just calm. 

Do you dream of rooms?



  1. Thanks for your comment on my flowers… and cat! (he’s alway a show-stealer)

    I have a friend who keeps a “dream journal.” I know she records her dreams in writing when she wakes, but I wonder if she ever draws images from her dreams? I will have to ask her. Your rendering is wonderful & inspiring.

  2. thanks, Hennie:) Let me know if she does draw…it is an interesting way to get a unique view on dream interpretation.

  3. Great posts. I really enjoyed the read. I decently did a post on interpretation hope you enjoy it as much.

  4. Oh, love the room!
    Really captures the feel of a dream.

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