Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | July 5, 2010

Creative Every Day~Life

The theme for Creative Every Day this month is life. 

 So I had tried an activity that I read on Quinn Creative’s Post.  The image you see here is the pansies in my yard that I attempted to capture.

I have to say…I get frustrated trying to “recreate” an actual thing.  I don’t like the way it looks, I go back to elementary school and feel as though it “does not measure up”, and then I want to just quit.  Blech….

So…I took my frustration and thought, well, what makes me happy to paint? And, basically the answer is…for me…to just add color to the page, enjoy how it comes together and have no real worries on “what it is”:

 I used the same pallett from the pansy painting…and just let them run together.  Yep…the brown is showing up just like it does in all watercolor that gets too mixed up.  But for some reason, this is calming to me, instead of rigid rememberances…brown is what happens to the end of all organic material…right?  Isn’t that LIFE?

 Then, I threw salt all over the watercolor…just because I love how this looks.  It makes me feel good and I anticipate the designs that will appear.  Later, when it is dried, I will go over the designs that appear. 

 I had to be careful to grab the “tea” and not the watercolor water…yikes!

So that is my little life story for today.  Yes, go to where I am uncomfortable.  Look at that.  Go to where I am comfortable.  Recognize I have both feelings.  And I leave this post knowing that I will challenge myself again with the “realistic” drawing attempts…as this will help me to grow…arrgghhh.



  1. I love the salt painting. It looks like a tree in a fog. Very comforting. When I took the class, the teacher told us not to recreate real flowers, just push the brush on the page, then “look for the flower” once the paint were dry. Both you and she have valuable lessons to share!

  2. …Thanks for that note, Quinn. I need to put a disclamer on this post…as I want to be sure that your post is supported! I LOVE the class description you wrote….I just have my own issues that come out when I attempt something with “preconceived ideas”….

  3. I, too, have almost had the “oops, that was not tea I just sipped” experiences, although mine are usually with coffee. I now leave the beverage on a completely different table!

  4. Your pansies are very nice – playful and they look like they are dancing. I love to do “merges” where you wet the paper and use primary colors to create lovely color patterns. If you enjoy it try it with YUPO paper (really plastic paper). You will be amazed!

  5. Hello, Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    I am just south of Mason, outside of Leslie.

    Nice blog you have,


  6. Hahaha… I’ve cleaned my paintbrush in my tea before, so I know the worry! It is good to let go of preconceived expectations on our art, I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

  7. You know I had an art teacher who once said to me when I was getting frustrated with my painting not looking exactly like the thing I was painting: “If you want an exact replica–Use a camera! This is art, your head, hands and heart are involved here-relax and let it flow.”
    I have taken that to heart and tried to remember it even now 30 years later. I hope this helps you too. 🙂

  8. I love your blog. It is so peaceful and hopeful. Just like you. 🙂

  9. Hi Susan,
    I got here via organicsyes….does this blog replace it? Just want to be sure I don’t lose track.

    Have been meaning for some time to let you know how much I cherish your comments about brown being the end result of all organic material. It is so freeing!!

    I’ve made many brown paintings. Fortunately, on canvas, I just painted over them. Some I sat with, and made friends.

    I’ve been working on my mandala project in nature. Before, I would’ve searched for perfectly colored leaves. Now, when I a yellow leaf, that has turned partly brown, I’m sure it’s exactly the one I need for my mandala!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. […] Susan Loughrin ~ Taught me to get over my fear that people will think I’m silly about the things I love … she validated the sense of wholeness and beauty I feel when I touch a soft scrap of yarn, listen to a sweet simple tune, or sense the prickly fragility of a pinecone. […]

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